.44 Caliber Muzzleloading

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44 Caliber Muzzle Loader 325g Long Flat Nose Smooth Side



Bevel Base



3 lbs.

Sold without Sabots. Bullets Only.

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Bullet Description .44 Caliber 325 grain SS LFN

This bullet is a .44 caliber projectile, specifically designed for use with sabots in today's muzzle loaders.  The bullet has a meplat diameter of .300" with the LFN long graceful ogive, giving a ballistic coefficient of .231.  Design of this bullet is as a muzzle loading projectile only.   It has no lube grooves, and being smooth sided (hence the SS designation in the bullet description) releases from plastic sabots uniformly and predictably, delivering superb accuracy.  The base of the bullet is slightly bevel based to accommodate the slight radius found at the bottom of sabots where the petals meet the sabot base, this insures the bullet will seat straight in the sabot, and give reliable, repeatable performance.

Performance on game is outstanding!  This bullet is BHN 21,  giving the same performance as our LBT design handgun bullets.  Usually complete penetration with golf ball sized wound channels are the normal performance reports from hunters using this bullet profile.  The 325 grain weight gives a good sectional density that will deliver maximum penetration performance when started at top muzzle loader velocities.

Bullets are sold without sabots.  We suggest either the Knight Modern Muzzle Loading Magnum sabots (Shown in illustration) or the Thompson Center Magnum sabots for best results.  Works equally well in either .50 or .54 caliber muzzle loaders with the appropriate sabots.  Use in muzzle loaders with a 1:48" or tighter twist barrel.