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The world's largest selection of LBT Design, hand cast, heat treated, wide meplat bullets available. Selections from .22-.600 Nitro calibers.
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Field Performance
::Success stories from the field::
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Reports from Beartooth Bullets customers. Field reports and photos from real shooters in real field situations.

>> Nice Oklahoma Buck With .444 Marlin :: By Lance D. Vaughn on 2005-11-29
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This fine buck was harvested in Oklahoma by Lance D. Vaughn shooting a .444 Marlin and was submitted to us on 22 November 2005.

Good talking to you the other day. Here is a pic of this big buck from Oklahoma. Load was 280 WFNGC .432 with 53gr. of Ramshot Tac. Full penetration with excellant wound damage ( massive ) and large exit hole. Broke one shoulder and kept on going. The buck dropped instantly....

Thanks for such a great product and all of your help. Please post this on your site if you get a chance.

God Bless,

Lance D. Vaughn

>> Nevada Mulie & Wyoming Antelope :: By Matt Zietlow on 2005-10-31
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Could you forward these pics on to Marshall for me? I had a good year
down here with a revolver, and know he always enjoys these! The muley
I got just last week near my home here in northern NV with a Beartooth WFN.....

Matt Zietlow

::.45-525gWLNGC Pile-Driver Performance by Tony McAnally on 2005-10-30

::Feral Hog .45-425gWNGCG Pile Driver Jr. Style! by Chuck Harling on 2005-07-23

::.444 Lapping Success! by Guy Boivin on 2002-02-13

::Fire-Lapping Success by Monte Petersen on 2002-02-01

::South African .475 Max. Cape Buffalo by Devereux Moring on 2001-03-26

::South African Cape Buffalo by Richard B. Negley on 2001-03-26

::Maine Whitetail Buck by Warren Southworth on 2001-03-26

::Penetration Tests by James Gates on 2001-03-09

::"THANK YOU" by Art on 2001-03-09

::"I Tip My Hat." by Pat on 2001-03-09

::Customer Service by Matthew Callahan on 2001-03-09

::Three Deer by James Gates on 2001-03-09

::Thanks by Will Hoyt on 2001-03-09

::BEARTOOTH BULLETS A MOST PLEASANT by John Taffin on 2001-03-09

::Tech Man Beartooth by C.E.B. on 2001-03-09

::Deer Down, Meat On The Table by GEM on 2001-03-09

::Handgun Hunting by Galen Miller on 2001-03-09


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