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The world's largest selection of LBT Design, hand cast, heat treated, wide meplat bullets available. Selections from .22-.600 Nitro calibers.
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>> No-Scent Gun Oil :: By J. Marshall Stanton on 2002-03-24
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No-Scent, a totally scent free lubricating oil, specifically formulated for firearms and extreme temperature swings, fulfills itís promise of providing outstanding lubrication and rust prevention of exposed surfaces while being totally scent free.

These are tall orders to fill, but the developer of No-Scent, Hank Wood, of Sandpoint, Idaho has accomplished just exactly what his product claims to deliver. This exclusive oil formulation required over ten years of development to achieve all the qualities necessary to fulfill the niche of sporting equipment lubrication under all temperature conditions, providing a high degree of lubricity and at the same time remain totally scent free.

I personally tested this oil before it was ever available to the general public, and have used it on everything from autoloaders, shotguns, revolvers, fishing reels and leg-hold traps. It has always delivered flawless lubrication qualities, even at Ė20 degrees F. In comparing the lubricating qualities of this product with others intended for similar purposes, never has No-Scent been inferior in any situation, and has proven superior to many of those products with which it was compared in terms of lubricity. Nothing Iíve tested or seen compares in the least with its scent-free qualities.

The concept behind the oil is simply this: we go out of our way to mask our scent with cover scents, wash our clothes in scent free cleaners, wear activated charcoal suits to absorb human odor and store our equipment in heavy plastic bags with cedar boughs and such similar naturally scented items to eliminate or mask human odor. However, when it comes to maintaining our sporting equipment, firearms, compound bow cams, hunting knives and such items necessitating both lubrication and rust prevention, the compounds and products that we use smell like Hoppeís No.9 perfume! Now, donít think for a minute that a bull elk, wily whitetail buck or experienced black bear wonít remember that distinctive odor when it invades his woods, and equate it with the last human encounter with the same stench! If we can smell the gun oil on our rifle, how far will that odor travel on a light breeze so that a game animal with far superior sense of smell will recognize it?

Hence the need for No-Scent! Itís totally scent free, or so tests would show. Iíve had black bear within four yards of me when hunting with a revolver lubed with No-Scent, and whitetail deer within less than five feet of both my son and I with our firearms freshly wiped down with No-Scent. However, the final word on scent free status would have to come from using No-Scent on leg hold coil and double spring traps prior to setting them, and have coyotes not smell the trap! Thatís a feat, to defeat the super nose of a trap-wise coyote!

The price is very fair, and a couple of bottles of this oil will go a long, long ways when oiling up those guns you take afield. This is one product that I use regularly, and without any reservation recommend to anyone looking for that last edge when putting all the pieces together for a special hunt!

Contact No-Scent:

Phone 208-265-5669

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