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EZ Black Powder Cleaning Solution
frhunter13 on 2005-07-24

OK, here it is for everyone: foolproof black powder cleaning solution.

Equal parts of Murphy's Oil Soap, Hydrogen Peroxide and Rubbing alchohol. This stuff is inexpensive.

Reinactement shooters have used this for many years.

Soak the barrel in it by using a plug, or drop your dirty parts into a bowl of it. It will remove all black powder, Pyrodex, Triple Seven, etc. Wipe and dry thoroughly, then use Bore Butter 1000 liberally on all parts.

Your gun is now clean and pickled for extended storage.

We are old muzzle loader hunters at our camp - this works! You might even see some on the market with ads for a "NEW" product (foam clean). So, now you have their "secret".

Simple soap and hot water works as a cleaner too. You must dry thoroughly after using it, and then coat with bore butter.

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