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How do Beartooth Bullets perform in Marlin Micro-Groove Barrels?
on 2001-01-29

1. The barrel generally must be fire-lapped to ease the machine and drill marks from the top of the lands and the chatter marks from the bottom of the lands. This is not to say we remove or eradicate them, just ease, or smooth them out. As a side benefit, wherever there are cut dovetails in the barrel, there are constrictions, and even a slight amount of fire-lapping does wonders to relieve these, and uniform the dimensions of the barrel.

2. Bullet fit is probably the biggest culprit when cast bullet accuracy is elusive in Micro-Groove barrels. The bullets MUST be at least .0005" over maximum groove diameter! When slugging the barrels of these guns (as well as the Rossi Lever action M92's), most people get a real surprise. Click here for the average dimensions we have encountered over the years in various Marlin barrels, not only our own, but those of hundreds of our customers, followed by our recommended bullet diameters for each application. Keep in mind that throat dimensions play an integral part in the bullet-fit equation. (This whole subject is covered at length in our Beartooth Bullets Technical Guide in the Bullet Fit chapter).

Click Here for a chart of the average dimensions we have encountered.