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What Bullets For Ruger M77/44, 96/44 And Deerfield Carbines?
on 2002-04-02

The Ruger firearms using the Rotary .44 Magnum magazines, are limited in their bullet selection due to overall length constraints. When using magnum brass, any of the Beartooth Bullets .44 caliber bullets of the WFN nose profile configuration, function flawlessly through these Rotary Magazines.

The WFN profile offered in our lineup is extensive, and provides a bullet for nearly any application in these Ruger carbines.

.44-240g WFNPB
.44-265g WFNGC
.44-280g WFNPB
.44-280g WFNGC
.44-300g WFNGC

In addition, the cast bullet diameter best suited to these Ruger long guns is 0.432". This is due to the SAAMI specifications for chambering dimensions. As is true with Ruger .44 Magnum handguns, these long guns are also chambered with chamering reamers having throat dimensions of .432"-.4325" in all instances. Although the groove dimensions of these carbines usually measures a very uniform and consistent .429", the large diameter throats necessitate .432" diameter cast bullets for proper alignment going into the bore for best accuracy.