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.45-70 Pile Driver!
Marshall Stanton on 2005-05-22

.45-70 Pile-Driver

Hunters afield pursuing big toothy critters, or those predisposessed to bad attitudes carrying platter sized hooves and sporting shiny, curved, man-throwing hooks as headgear, tend to tote big-bore rifles. Too, those rifles most usually carry ammo with big, heavy bullets, to decisively end arguments with afore-described game. Hence when hunting the largest, and most dangerous game earth has to offer, or when trekking where such animals frequent, a heavy, tough, accurate, wide-meplat bullet becomes not just desirable, but essential.

Fulfilling this task is Beartooth Bullets' newest offering in .45 caliber rifle bullets: our 525 grain WLNGC bullet, or if you can't remember the nose designation, just remember it's a pile-driver for .45-70 Govt. and other .45 caliber rifle cartridges! From the beginning, specifications for dimensions of this bullet were expressly optimized for use in the Marlin 1895 series of lever-action rifles. The nose is both the widest, and longest in dimensions, and still reliably load through the magazine tube on these firearms, and feed flawlessly, for butter-smooth functioning through your lever-action big game rifle.

This bullet offers the handloader a bullet of outstanding accuracy, unsurpassed penetration potential, and a huge meplat for wide permanent wound channels through any game one might pursue with a lever-action big bore! While no-one will tell you these are pleasant to shoot at full-snort velocities from light-weight leverguns, it is truly amazing the earthquakes that take place on the receiving end when these bullets arrive on target!

So, when your favorite .45 caliber big-bore rifle needs to deliver the bone-crushing power of a pile-driver, with accuracy of surgical precision, load up a box of Pile-Drivers to answer the call!

.45 Caliber 525g WLNGC Pile-Driver

Overall Bullet Length 1.280"
Nose To Crimp Length .450"
Meplat Diameter .375"

The loading data included in the table below was developed specifically for modern rifles in excellent mechanical condition. It is suitable specifically for both Winchester and Browning 1886 and 1885 rifles and carbines, Ruger No.1 and No.3 rifles and carbines as well as modern production Marlin 1895 lever action rifles, carbines and Guide Guns. This data should never be used in antique rifles or those models other than specifically listed above. Loading data in the table below generates under 40,000 psi. and is entirely safe in the above listed firearms makes and models. When developing loads utilizing this data, reduce charges 10% for starting loads, then cautiously work the load up incrementally as pressure signs indicate.

Loading Data BTB-.45-525gWLNGC "Pile-Driver" in .45-70 Govt.

All loads using Starline .45-70 Govt. brass, Winchester Large Rifle Primers, Cartridge Overall Length 2.557" .

Powder Charge Wt. Gr. Velocity 22" Bbl. Velocity 20" Bbl.
AA 2495 45.0 1520 1486
IMR 4198 42.7 1612 1562
IMR 3031 42.8 1683 1621
RL-7 44.3 1705 1648
IMR 4227 28.0 14.43 13.92
2400 24.0 1346 1283
H-322 41.0 1610 1549

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As in interesting note of information, one of our longtime customers Mr. Matt Zietlow, was the first to beta-test this bullet, and incidentally the first to make a big-game harvest with this projectile.  He certainly did it in style, and below are his comments and photos of his excellent free-ranging American Bison Bull. 



"Details......... approx.  2200 lb bull taken at 60 yds last fall (2004) on Idaho/Montana border with 525 grain Beartooth bullet under IMR 4198, fired from Shiloh Sharps with 34" barrel, muzzle velocity 1680 fps.   Hit through meaty part of both shoulders, broke a rib on both entry and exit, cut off top of heart, and exited far side.  Total penetration measured at 33 1/2", approx. thumb-sized hole straight through, bull took 3 steps and collapsed.  A very fine performance indeed!!"
Matt Zietlow
Eureka, NV


Also from a Beartooth Bullets customer and member, Grizz, comes this video from his penetration tests in August of 2005.

Pile Driver 45-70-525 Video

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