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Soft Nosed Beartooth Bullets?
Marshall Stanton on 2000-08-15

Beartooth Bullets are heat treated to attain our BHN 21 hardness. Such being the case, they can also be annealed to reduce their hardness. For a soft-nosed bullet that will expand all the way down to 750 fps try this.

Stand a bullet in a shallow pan such as a cake pan or pie plate, then fill the pan with water to a point that the water level is even with the crimp groove. Uniformly heat the nose of the bullet with a propane torch, using a moderate flame, until there a subtle color change which takes place just before the bullet slumps and melts. This color change is subtle, and you will probably ruin a few bullets before you get the hang of things, but after closely observing, you will quickly recognize the color change when it takes place. At the instant of the color change, remove the flame of the torch from the bullet's nose and allow it to cool. When cooled, you will have a bullet with a nose being BHN 11, and everything below water line will remain at the BHN 21, just like you receive them from us.

A bullet treated this way will have a soft nose which will expand all the way down to 750 fps, and yet will stop expanding when it deforms down to the crimp groove, as the alloy is harder there. The performance is similar to some of the partitioned expanding jacketed bullets that have been on the market for years. The beautiful part of this system is that you can work up loads with the standard hard bullets, then by simply annealing the nose have an expanding bullet without changing any your developed loading data, as the hard shank of the bullet in contact with the bore will still perform like our standard bullets. These annealed bullets will shoot to the same point of impact and develop the same pressures and velocities as untreated.

Be aware that this process will only work if the bullets are heat treated to harden them and have an antimony content of less than three percent. Beartooth Bullets meet this criteria and respond wonderfully to this treatment.

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