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Three Deer
James Gates on 2001-03-09

The three deer killed with about 30 yards head on...hit in center chest..tore up one lung...skipped off spine.. went out belly...dead at once. The next deer hit broadside mid body...about 2" permanent wound channel...complete penetration...deer stumbled about 20
yards and went down. The third deer hit about 55/60 yard..quartering shot...went in just back of shoulder..exited near off ham....deer ran about 75 or so yards and went down. This bullet performance better than anything except the old NormaTri-Clads 240 gr (.430") bullet and even slightly better than it. It re-affirms what we think on bullet weight and velocity in the .44 Magnum. After dead is dead! I feel that this bullet will perform just as good on our big hogs as it did on the deer. The largest was an 8 point (Eastern count), next a 6 point and a 4 point. Body weight from 175 down to 125 pounds. Everyone pleased with the bullets. All showed lube at the muzzle. I had up the 14 family and guests for Thanksgiving through Sunday. We have been blessed another year with the family. Best Regards as Always from "The Swamp Crawlers" of Old Town,
Hammock.....James Gates