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Marshall Stanton- Owner of Beartooth Bullets- has compiled this Technical Guide to assist our customers in achieving the highest degree of performance potential from their firearms using our bullets. The book contains essential information on bullet fit, cast bullet reloading tips, and hunting applications. It also provides comprehensive instructions on bore conditioning, fire-lapping, bore leading, cleaning of leaded bores, and attempts to answer those questions most frequently asked by our customers. This publication makes the task of obtaining satisfying and unsurpassed cast bullet performance simple. (Sold Post Paid) The newly revised version of our Technical Guide has been totally revamped, updated and expanded. We have added new chapters, tightened the format, and added 30% more information!  It is now fully illustrated with detailed photographs, graphs and tables.  We also made it more durable,  featuring a tough washable cover to withstand years of use, and a resilient coil binding that lays flat on the loading bench.

The information in this publication is newly updated and expanded, giving a comprehensive guide for attaining unsurpassed performance using cast bullets.  This reference tool will quickly earn a place near your loading bench.

This New 2000 Edition of the BEARTOOTH BULLETS TECHNICAL GUIDE, is available for immediate shipment, and are sent post-paid first class mail.

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*This Is Not A Reloading Manual*